Black and white Photocopies and prints

Black and white photocopies without the slightest difference from your original forms, with a speed of more than 6000 A4 (29.7 × 21 cm) copies per hour from the most advanced digital machines, dimensions from A5 to A3 and a variety of materials (paper, colored paper, cardboard, rice paper, transparency, stickers, etc.).

Colored Photocopies and Prints

High fidelity laser copies with new generation inks without the slightest difference from your original forms, in dimensions from A5 to A3 in a variety of materials (papers from 80gr to 300gr, rice paper, transparency, stickers, etc.).

Black and White and Color Patterns

Copies of high resolution drawings in dimensions of unlimited length and width from 29.7 (A3) to 91.4 cm (A0). The materials we use are 80gr paper, 110gr transparency and canvas. We print drawings from Autocad, PLT and PDF and in rare cases from JPG.
The packaging of the drawings is provided free of charge (when the reproduction is done in our store).


 Scanning in laser scanner for maps and drawings, in small files that can be easily saved in TIFF format, for their further processing (raster to vector). Scan documents up to A3 in manageable files at 2,000 A4 / hour. Possibility of digital archiving and printing of your original, whenever and for as many copies as requested.

Heat sealing bookbinding

- economical

- easy archiving

Metal backing bookbinding

- transparency on the back cover as well

- professional appearance

- high durability in use

Spiral plastic bookbinding

- economical

- back cover capability

- ease of use

- easy page replacement


Keep your forms intact from the ravages of time by laminating them.

Laminating can be done on all types of printing matters or printing in sizes from smaller than one card to A3.

Book Covers CoLibri e-Leonardocolibri eLeonardo

With CoLibri e-Leonardo you can protect absolutely any kind of book or document, in a minimum of time and at a very low cost. Coats books of any size (as A3) and protects any document or map as A2.


e-mail(for printing): [email protected]